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Car Bumper Repairs inc Plastic Bumper Repairs

Repair and restoration all types of car bumpers including new bumpers, reconditioned bumpers, and colour coded bumpers for all makes/types of vehicles

Bumper repairs work by BodyMech are carried out by trained technicians who can repair almost anything made of plastic. We have a long established reputation for repairing all types of plastic car bumpers including all makes and models. We match colour coded bumpers to the right colour and we are not limited to cars and can also repair motorbikes and vans. Be sure to give us a call for advice and pricing.

Car Body Styling and Paint

Bringing you the latest car paint technology

BodyMech offers the latest in paint technology, from Rage-Extreme. Our facilities include a Fast Low Bake Oven, which enables us to produce a faster, more professional spray everytime and we have a fully qualified team of welders, sprayers and top quality car and motorbike repair specialists.

Custom Paint Finishes and Colour Shifting Effects from


car body styling


Allows cars to appear red, gold, blue, green or purple all at once, changing hue as you move around. Now spectacular colour effects are possible, bringing a revolution to the world of custom finishes and restyling.

body styling


These finishes are based on the revolutionary ChromaFlair Colour shifting pigments, changing colour depending on the angle from which they are viewed.

car styling


This is a unique pigment that creates an appealing iridescent, liquid-silver metallic look in low illumination, changing to vivid, multi-rainbows in direct bright light.

car body kits

Shock Waves

The colours display a unique two colour display that varies with different viewing angles, these effects are best over a white ground coat but can also be used over different colour ground coats to create totally different colour effects.

Car Paints from BodyMech Stoke


These finishes are based on colour variable pigments, these are unique pigments that actually change colour depending on the angle from which they are viewed. Available in 8 dramatic colours : Scarabaus, Green Gold, Violet, Cerise, Purple, Gold, Gold to Red and Gold to Purple.

Contact us for further information regarding Rage Extreme paint technology

Motorbike Resprays available including Panel repairs and fibre glass repairs, and plastic welding is also available

We also specialise in fitting full and part body kits, and colour match resprays.

body styling

Resprays in progress, at the BodyMech Stoke body shop.

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